Mysteries of Latina Beauty


If you’re Latina, you probably have inherited a number of healthy beauty tips from your parents. For instance, countless Latinas use coconut oil as a locks face, and refreshing facial masks are essential for maintaining beautiful skin. A nice hair and a heavy fitness session are also essential for maintaining healthy hair. Utilizing herbs like aloe victoria to treat skin conditions and scalp problems, as well as maximizing the benefits of phytochemicals like shea butter for a potent balm, are additional italian beauty mysteries.

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These pointers are taken from the newest video set” La Fundación de Belleza.” Adrienne Bailon-houghton, an performer, speaks with members of Latina attractiveness brands in the four-episode line about the charm customs they learned from their families. The women even talk about how they have overcome socioeconomic attractiveness requirements and their private journeys with self-love.

Julissa Prado, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, is the subject of the series’ second episode. Prado embraced her curly hair because her mom had taught her that it was gorgeous to be biological. She even established a modeling agency in her early twenties to assist other women with textured hair who do n’t feel like they fit the typical beauty look.

Heredia’s mother also gave her the advice to wearing a groundwork that matches the tone of your skin. Holding a mild subject up to the side of your face and examining the skin’s arteries will make it simple to figure this out. You should use products that are bright or fruit in color if they appear yellowish because they have a hot undertone. If they’re more cyan, you have a bright undercurrent and does pick items with pinky-beige hues.

Heredia’s mother even advised her to moisturize her teeth and eyelids lightly to help her maintain her vibrant radiance. Heredia claims that she now makes an effort to adhere to this program. She said,” To keep my mouth nourished, I always wear shea butter and some sort of tinted mouth balm.”

Heredia describes how her mother and aunts created their own herbal beauty products to cure allergies and acne in the sequence’ last show. She exhorts people to become familiar with the elegance customs of their ancestors and practice them for themselves.

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